Craft works

Tempera color study

G chiaro scuro: tempera grassa a la prima on panel.   one of 2                    46 High x 23 Wide. finished 21 October 2021


Gilding with: Palladium, 23,75 krt Gold Leaf, Pearlgold                          size 22 x 22 x 3 cm framed


how many diffrent tones  in grey titanwhite  / bone black in tempera??


sea shore 1,2,5,6,8,11,16:  tempera, tempera grassa,, glue paint, punic wax, etc.

manchester madonna manga: tempera grassa a-la-prima on panel.      105 x 106 cm

chiaroscuro in tempera grassa on canvas, each 20×20 cm

twins: grisaille & chiaroscuro in tempera grassa on panel 20×20 cm each

old fresco and sgraffito technique 108 x 58 cm each

20 x 20 cm Tempera on Wood

20 x 20 punic wax on wood

encaustiek  wax painting  on wood, each 20 x 20 cm